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02-April-2012 Augmented Crime Scene (New Windows App)

15-June-2012 Return To Earth (New Windows Game)

18-July-2011 Augmented Crime Scene (Android App)

23-May-2010 GPS BackTracker

12-Aug-2010 XNA - Office Avatar Game

30-Jan-2010 XNA - UFO (Xbox game)

12-Feb-2010 XNA - Asteroids (Xbox game)

13-Dec-2009 Project Google Bike Completed

13-Dec-2009 Game from the past, Wall Breaker

30-Nov-2009 Project Google Bike started

27-sept-2009 Xbox media center installed

30-aug-2009 A friendly face in the maze!!

15-aug-2009 Multitouch table housing built

06-aug-2009 C64 Dtv project phase 1 finished

08-aug-2009 Construction continues again for the multi touch table.

01-aug-2009 Forum complete

22-jul-2009 Forum under contruction

14-jul-2009 Testing in progress for new site


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